Cross-posted here, since many folks on my f-list are also on LJ.

As a followup to this post about LJ Advisory Board elections, I'd like to thank those who supported me, even though I was unsuccessful in my bid for nomination. Your support was much appreciated.

Should I decide to try again in future, I'll do my post earlier, since it took quite a while (almost 8 hours!) for it to be approved and unscreened by the LJ staff moderators so that people could leave comments in support of my nomination bid. My wibbling about throwing my hat in this year led to the late posting as well -- I'll make my decision, yea or nay, sooner.
Cross-posted here, since many folks on my f-list are also on LJ.

I must be daft, but I've tossed my hat in the ring to be the LJ user-rep to the Advisory Board. Nomination post not showing, since it's moderated, so I can't give a direct link to my entry. Go to lj_election_en to see it -- hopefully it will be viewable soon. Please leave a comment stating "I support this nomination" or something substantially similar to my nomination entry if you would like for me to be your voice to the people who run LiveJournal.

Edit (11:52 am): Post is available now here.
I've decided to start a Second Life blog, using the name of my main avatar [personal profile] persephoneloon. Not sure how interested folks who read me here might be in this Second Life journal, since I plan on having it be a promotion/publicity blog for Persephone's Grove and my other Second Life businesses, and I don't know if any of my current readership here uses Second Life. Feel free to wander over and subscribe if you are so inclined.
Spent a few minutes fiddling with settings here to get rid of the default blue, orange and white style and layout I had right after signing up. I now have a cutesy skull theme and the current colors are dark green, black and white. Good enough for now and it does give the place a bit of a DeathEater feel, so that's fine by me. ;)
Thanks to the fabulous [personal profile] lesyeuxverts, I now have a Dreamwidth journal. :D

Not sure what I'll do with it right now, but at least I have my usual username reserved. I know a lot of Harry Potter fandom folks have come over here, so I expect I'll be looking some of them up in the near future.

Since this is currently a free account, I only have 6 userpic slots. I've used two of them already, for my default icon and another one that is suitable for most types of posts. Don't know yet if I'll add anymore at this time. Might depend on how I end up using this journal, what icons I use here.